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Thermal Body Temperature Detection

Health is a top concern today more than ever, and as everyone goes back to work the need to make the workplace a safe environment is on the rise. With our new access control solution, you can achieve that goal. Using thermal scanning and camera technology you will be able to detect body temperature for anyone who enters your building. We offer two different ways to track this:

Using the Pedestal model, workers will walk up to the station and scan their wrists. As they do this, a picture will be taken of them by the built-in camera. The system will detect abnormal body temperatures with 99% accuracy and send out an alert so steps could be taken to refuse access.

Using the Fast Screening kit, a live infrared temperature detection feed is set up with a thermal camera. After connecting the camera to a workstation, you will be able to station someone to watch the live thermal feed and detect any high temperatures of those who enter the building.

These solutions are the latest in access control technology and will create a healthy environment for workers, students, customers and everyone getting back out into the world!

Thermal Body Temperature Detection


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